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Visible Dome
  • Visible Dome
  • Visible Dome
  • Visible Dome

Visible Dome


BRD Optical dome lens is composed of two parallel optical surfaces, (A convex surface & A Concave surface). Normally we can control the parallel tolerance <±2μm. A perfect parallel surface, in the imaging, the image does not distort, and in the measurement of light, the light does not distort. BRD Dome, the optical properties are unique, which produced by the optical technology of optical grinding and polishing.

BRD Dome lens mainly are hemisphere, hyper-hemisphere and customized designing. Whether it is visible dome, UV dome or IR dome, BRD Dome has been confirmed in the international market. BRD dome is found in areas such as defense technology, weather monitoring and optical imaging.

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1, Substrate: Visible material-------Optical glass (Schott N-BK7, N-BK10, WG295,N-K5,etc.)Visible Dome

2, Dimension: 10mm-350mm

3, Thickness: 1mm-10mm

4, Surface Quality: 60/40, 40/20, 20/10

5, Surface fringe: 10(5)-3(0.5)

6, Coating: Antireflection (AR) Coating

7, Strenthened via heat treatment (tempering)

Type No.Diameter


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